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Shipwreck on the Lizard 1891

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Bedrock Cornwall Books.

Book III covers the Lizard peninsula and I have just started preparing it for printing and have arrived at page 47 which describes yet another wreck on the long Cornish coast. The Lizard was particularly hazardous for seamen because of its position sticking out into the English Channel. With the wind and rain hitting the window where I type in gusts of over 60 mph I was thinking how tame this was compared to what happened to the crew of the Bay of Panama in March 1891.

The wrecked Bay of Panama

This magnificent ship was wrecked on the Lizard rocks in a violent blizzard, which was later described as Cornwall's worst weather for 200 years. The story of how 17 of the original crew of 40 survived is a truly heroic tale.

A full account of the disaster can be read in the Bedrock Cornwall Books, Book III. This book covers all aspects of the Lizard peninsula and will be published in the Spring 2020.

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