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Properly Secret Beaches

Cornwall Council will soon be voting on changes to the times dogs will be allowed on their beaches. It is likely the present rules will be relaxed but popular beaches, with blue flag status, will still have restrictions, especially in July and August.

A solution for owners is to take their beloved dog to one of the properly secret beaches that are described in the Bedrock Cornwall Books. I am just putting the finishing touches to Book III, Lizard Peninsula, which covers O.S. Explorer Map 103, where there are 3 secret beaches described. All 3 have a long downhill walk along an overgrown path which ends with a rope hanging down. At this point you will need to walk backwards, doing an amateur abseil, to the beach below.

Lankidden Cove is home to one such properly secret beach which will remain etched on your heart, and your dog's, if you can make it. The author, who has Parkinson's, and his wife were able to do so, but health and safety protocol does not recommend it.

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